Our coaches use translators to give great lessons.

Lessons for foreigners are only available at WOOT Osaka KINGS school.


To the email address below,

Please contact us with the following information at least one week before the desired lesson date to make a reservation.

●Your name




●Preferred lesson date

●Desired lesson time

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday: 1st session 11:30-14:00/2nd session 14:30-17:00/3rd session 17:30-20:00

Sunday: 1st session 08:30~11:00/2nd session 11:30~14:00/3rd session 14:30~17:00

●Price: 1 session (about 2 hours 30 minutes): ¥10,000-

●Lesson desired jumping platform (3m or 6m)

● Number of people

↑The above items should be sent by all group representatives.

★The above lessons are for hobbyists and not for athletes. The player is a lesson by principal nishimura. Please contact us as the price is subject to change.

For pro snowboarders and aspiring pro snowboarders

Tuition fees are different for professional snowboarders and those aiming to become professional snowboarders.

For more information, please contact us by email.